Understanding Guard Track System, Its Working And Advantages

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Security surveillance system forms an integral component of the business organization. An efficient surveillance and monitoring system has been touched with technological advancement nowadays. Have you given a thought to the guard track? If you are into business, you need to be cautious about the efficacy of the guard track. It helps in maintaining the security of the business organization. However, advances in technology have transformed the face of the patrolling system.

Few Words on Guard Track

The guard track is an advanced surveillance solution aided with electronic management. The guard tracks present a complete history of the security guards at various checkpoints. It also gives a record of the movement history of the security guards at the assigned locations.

Several components comprise the guard track system. There is a lithium battery-operated patrol baton that has steel as the main component. The microprocessor associated with the guard baton helps in the efficient monitoring technique of the guard system. There is also a self-contained microprocessor called the supervisor baton. It possesses additional memory to support many off-site batons. It collects the movement footage of the security guards at various positions. In addition to these components, there is also a patrol point. It consists of a microchip that locates the accurate patrol point of the guards. The docking station at the office desk helps transfer the baton footage into verified data for further scrutiny and supervision. There is a specific patrol software that is compatible with the type of extracted data from the batons. It finally gives a detailed report.

How does it work?

Patrol batons have a special design that is compatible with the patrol points. The patrol points are the strategic points where the guards have patrolling duties. Each guard has to reach the patrol points and touch the patrol points with the patrol batons. As the guard touches the patrol baton at the patrol point, a LED light brightens at the end of the baton. It confirms the presence of the particular guard at the baton point. After the duty completion, the particular guard will hand over the baton to the concerned authority to assign the duty to the following security guard.

Advantages of the Guard Track System

Real-Time Report- The guard track system offers real-time images and footage of the patrolling situation of the security guards with the help of the latest GPS technology. It also provides satellite images of the patrol checkpoints and the guards performing their duties. The guard system will give immediate notification and alert about a missed security duty. It will help the authority take the necessary step to combat such security issues.

Less Equipment Usage– Advanced technology is also a part of the guard tour system. Most of the guard system works based on near-field communications. It enables the authority to track the patrolling movement of the security guards via devices like smartphones and computers.

The GPS guard system depends on advanced wireless technology over specific checkpoints in an area. This automated technology helps to analyze the real-time footage of the RFID-based monitoring system It designates the exact entry and exit time of the guards at specific checkpoints and enhances the surveillance system.

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