What is BMI and How to Measure It

The body mass index, or BMI as it is more commonly known, is one of the most widely used methods for measuring a person’s body fat. It is based on an individual’s height and weight, which are then used to calculate their body mass index. Knowing your BMI can give you a better understanding of your overall health. Let’s take a closer look at what BMI is and how to measure it.

What Is BMI?

BMI stands for body mass index, and it is a way of measuring an individual’s body fat based on their height and weight. It does not directly measure body fat percentage but rather provides an estimate of relative health risk. Generally speaking, the higher your BMI, the higher your risk for certain diseases like heart disease or diabetes.

How To Measure BMI?

Measuring your own BMI is fairly simple. All you need to do is use a calculator online or plug in your height and weight into this formula: (weight in kg) divided by (height in meters squared). For example, if you weigh 70kg and have a height of 1.7m then your calculation would be 70 / (1.7 x 1.7) = 24.2. This would put you in the normal range of 18-25 bmi score which indicates that you are at low risk for developing any health issues associated with obesity or being overweight. In addition to using the formula above, there are also several online calculators available that will help you quickly and easily calculate your own personal BMI score without the use of any formulas or calculations. Additionally, there are apps available that can track your progress over time so that you can see how changes in diet or exercise impact your overall score over time. Knowing your own personal BMI score can help provide valuable insight into whether or not you may be at risk for certain health issues associated with obesity or being overweight. By taking just a few moments to measure your own BMI score, you will be able to gain valuable insight into your overall health status that could potentially save yourself from developing serious medical conditions down the line! So if you haven’t already done so, now is definitely the time to start keeping track of your own personal bmi!

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