How to Ensure Quality Control when Sourcing from China

How to Ensure Quality Control when Sourcing from China

As you may know, China is one of the largest manufacturing hubs in the world and serves as the primary source for many of your favorite products, including clothing, electronics, and other household goods. And while it can be easy to procure merchandise at competitive prices from China, it’s critical to have an effective quality control process in place to make sure that you get what you ordered and that it meets your needs perfectly.

Is the factory ISO certified?

The ISO certification is the most widely recognized quality standard in the world. A company can be either certified or voluntarily registered with ISO. When a factory is ISO certified, it means they are complying with international standards and will have a better understanding of what is required by their customers, which can lead to better quality control.

The first step of quality inspection in China should be checking if the factory is ISO certified before you start working with them. However, since not all factories go through this process, another way you can ensure quality control is by hiring an inspection company in China that has experience working with both domestic and overseas clients.

Do they have their own design team?

A company with their own design team will be more invested in the process and will have a better idea of how the product should look. They may also have designers that are well versed in your industry, which can greatly reduce the risk of receiving a poor quality design.

In order to ensure quality control at this stage, it is important that you have someone on staff who knows what they are doing and has experience in the process. Shenzhen Fuhua Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. also hires experts who specialize in quality inspection in China so that they can make sure everything is up to snuff before any products leave the factory floor. This way, all products leaving their factory will meet international standards for quality and safety before they ship out of their country.

What does quality mean in this context?

Quality is an important issue when sourcing goods from China. A quality inspection in China will help determine if the product you are considering can be sold in your country. The quality inspection company in China will look for flaws, defects and other items that may affect the saleability of the product. This process also helps identify production issues that need to be addressed before production continues. In this way, a quality inspection in China can help protect both your reputation and your profit margins by identifying problems with a product before it is too late.

Are there any risks when it comes to IP protection?

No, with the exception of counterfeit products. Counterfeit products are those which have not been registered with a trademark in China and have been made without a legal license. These products are usually sold at very low prices, which is what draws people to them. However, it is important that you do your research before purchasing these items because they can lead to serious health issues and even death. If you are having trouble locating a reliable inspection company in China, there are several reputable ones online that offer this service for a fee. This will ensure that the product you purchase is not counterfeit and that it meets all quality control standards.

Will you be able to inspect products before shipment?

If the supplier does not allow for pre-shipment inspection, then you should use your best judgment with regards to their process. The best way to do this is by getting samples of the product first. Ask for a sample of the product before placing an order. This will give you time and information to make a decision. The sample should be representative of what your order will look like, but if it isn’t then ask why not or if they can do that for you next time. 

Make sure that the company has packaging processes in place so that they know how and where materials are going before they ship them out.

What will delivery times look like?

We want your order processed and shipped quickly, so we will ship your order within 10-14 days after it is placed. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be processed the following Monday. If you need an urgent order please contact us before you place an order.

What happens if I run into problems later on in the project lifecycle?

This is the scariest part of the process. You have spent weeks, if not months, sourcing suppliers, communicating with them on your product specs and samples, negotiated pricing and shipping costs, and finally placed an order. Now what? 

The whole point of having a quality control plan is so that you are prepared for these moments. In this section I am going to outline 8 questions that will help you be better prepared in these moments of need. It is important that you think about these questions before placing your order. 

A good quality control checklist

A good quality control checklist should include these questions:

  • What are the risks associated with this product? 
  • Do you have a sample of the product? *Does it match your specification and do you like the design? 
  • Do you know what materials will be used in the production process? 
  • Are there any certifications that your manufacturer requires before they can produce your products? 
  • Can your manufacturer provide a certificate of compliance for their production facility and equipment?

Wrapping Up 

Finding quality products and ensuring quality control services through SA8000 audit is imperative for any company, and sourcing from China is no different. However, there are several questions you need to ask before you do so. 

You must ask about the manufacturer’s experience with your product and their process for selecting suppliers. This will give you an understanding of how qualified they are in deciding who will be a good supplier for your needs. 

Once you’ve found a potential supplier, be sure to visit them in person or through Skype. Knowing the people behind the product will help you feel more confident that they have your best interest at heart and can provide high-quality workmanship. 

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