Get Your Health Insurance Quote Online Today!

Get Your Health Insurance Quote Online Today!

The rising costs of medical treatment have made it imperative for each one of us to have sufficient health insurance coverage. As a Singaporean citizen or Permanent Resident, you already have a certain degree of protection under MediShield Life. However, as we know, MediShield Life has its limitations. For instance, you can only make claims up to S$150,000 per policy year. Treatments may go beyond this amount, and you can benefit from additional coverage with an Integrated Shield Plan

What kind of benefits do you get with an Integrated Shield Plan?

An Integrated Shield Plan offers extensive coverage for hospitalisation costs as well as pre and post-hospitalisation expenses. You can generally expect coverage for around 180 days for pre-hospitalisation expenses and around 365 days for post-hospitalisation expenses. 

In addition to these benefits, certain insurers in Singapore also cover you for planned and emergency treatment overseas. You can also add a rider to your Integrated Shield Plan so that you get covered for up to 95% of your medical expenses. This kind of extensive coverage can truly give great peace of mind during challenging times. 

Moreover, an Integrated Shield Plan offers coverage specifically for a range of private and restructured hospitals. This way, it offers coverage for higher tiered wards compared to MediShield Life which is only pegged at class B2/C wards of public hospitals. 

Furthermore, you can opt for coverage of up to SGD1 million or more with an Integrated Shield Plan. You can also benefit from cashless treatments as well as dedicated concierge services at some of the best hospitals in the country. 

Get your Integrated Shield Plan quote online now!

A busy schedule should not stand in the way of you getting the coverage that you need. You can easily log into the website of one of the insurance companies in Singapore and get an instant online quote for your health insurance plan. Simply provide basic details such as your residential status in Singapore at the time of application, and date of birth. Once you get the quote, you can go ahead and make the purchase. 

Best of all, you can also buy health insurance for your loved ones – such as your daughter, son, or spouse – online. So, your whole family enjoys complete coverage for their health needs. 

As we can see, having an Integrated Shield Plan truly holds many benefits. You also get access to hassle-free claims for true peace of mind during an illness. Plus, Integrated Shield Plans have lifelong renewability. 

Speak to a financial consultant for help in selecting the right Integrated Shield Plan for yourself and your loved ones. We hope that this was an informative read for you today. All the best!

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